Kunal Gupta – Team Owner

Born in Kolkata, Entrepreneur Kunal Gupta of Met Group of Technologies is a complete self-made business tycoon where he started building his fortune through his BPO startup and has ventured into many diverse businesses ever since. With over 7 years of experience in on shore management, team leadership, finance, business strategy management etc, he decided to set another milestone in his journey of success by investing in the ever growing industry of Poker, adding another feather to his hat.
He is now the Owner of Poker Sports League’s Kolkata Team titled “Kolkata Kings”. Kunal understands the potential this game has and wants to give it wide acceptance especially among the Indian Crowd.

Dibyendu Barua – Brand Ambassador

Second on the list of grandmaster after Viswanathan Anand, is the kolkata based Dibyendu Barua, who will be endorsing team Kolkata Kings. Barua started chess at a very early stage of his life, beating all kinds of odds to become what he is today – one of the chess pioneer. His Academy runs “Chess In Schools” program in schools and other institutes to spread chess-literacy and explain the benefits of engaging in a mind sport.
Dibyendu identifies with poker as a mind game and is excited to be part of the league. He plans to introduce some chess strategies to poker to ensure that the concoction would reap good results.

Debashis Bal – Team Director

A former professional poker player himself, Debashis Bal now heads the Kolkata Kings Team. Debashis has years of experience in corporate management. He is a trained coder and has cut his teeth on decision making and building teams centered on the strengths of human behavior. His game skills and successes have made him pretty popular amongst the poker community.
Bal’s ability to absorb and assimilate new concepts in this scaffold evolved from his trial and error decision making matrix, brings a very unique perspective to strategy and Team expertise.

Sumit Asrani – Team Mentor

“Man of the Series” season 1 winner of Poker Sports League, Sumit Asrani is now the Mentor for Kolkata Kings. He will take complete charge of the team as their captain. With an experience of over 9 years as a professional player and captain of last season’s Gujarat Acers, Sumit is pretty confident on how to lead.
He has many tournaments making headline in various events. He ranked 1st at APT (Asian Poker Tour) 15k 6max, 1st at Aces Unlimited 5k buy-in, Top ranker at IPL (Indian Poker Legend) 100k main event and even IPC (Indian Poker Championship) 30k main event where he finished in 1st place and got INR. 1350000.

Raman Gujral – Wildcard

Raman Gujral is the Wildcard addition to Team Kolkata Kings. His vast exposure and poker playing experience of more than a decade, has got him the revered title of “Grandfather of Indian Poker”. Born in Chandigarh, Gujral moved to US for further studies where he was first introduced to Poker and he has been attached to the game since. A switch in the job location to Vegas was what instigated him to play the game more professionally. After his day’s job as a trader, he spent his evening playing or learning poker from his mentor.

Samay Parikh- Wildcard

Samay Parikh is the Team’s Wildcard with hands-on experience as a mentor to many Indian professional poker players, who have reaped benefits from his coaching. He has been playing professionally for 6 years now, won tournaments and known as one of the best high stakes cash game reg in the country.

Parikh originally was the mentor for Season 2’s Haryana Team but due to it getting dissolved, Kolkata took over the player and is thrilled to have such an addition to the board. Team Kolkata Kings believes that Samay’s guidance will come in quite handy.

Sahil Agarwal – Team Pro

The former IT professional left his promising career in June’13 to take up poker professionally. Mentored by Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal, Sahil has primarily been an MTT player for the most part of his poker career. He is considered one of the most aggressive players in the circuit. His key wins are 1st place in 55k Spartan Super High Roller, 1st in Hot $16.50, multiple Final Tables in the $320 Saturday Super KO & 5th in APT Manila main event. He is also involved as a partner/coach in one of India’s biggest staking/coaching poker house IndianPokerPros.

Sangeeth Mohan – Team Pro

Sangeeth Mohan have been a professional poker player for over 8 years. He has his major breakthrough in the year 2011. He bagged almost 15 winners award from 15 different tournaments this year and also won the title of ‘player of the year’. The former MTT specialist Sangeeth Samoh took over playing cash games and is one of the two Indian who won APT main events and also APPT final table that was held in Macau.

He’s also a part of PSL as a Mentor draft of Hyderabad team for Season 1. His dedication and winner quality is highly appreciated by Kolkata Kings and he is welcomed in the team.

Rohan Singh – Live Qualifier

Getting a decade’s experience to the Team, Rohan aka Arjjun Singh is Kolkata kings’ Live Qualifier. Rohan has been playing mostly cash games ranging 5K to 500K and earned quite a mark for himself in India’s top cash game pros. A recent shift to tournaments and wins in his pocket, Rohan’s confidence is at an all-time high and assures to spread this vibe and confidence amongst his team as well.

He was part of inaugural season of PSL 2017 representing Kolkata royals where he secured 2nd place in Turbo Event and finished 3rd in the finals. He credits his success to his focus, hard work and determination and endeavours to be the best in the industry. His confidence and never-give-up attitude will surely be an asset for team kolkata kings.

Himanshu arora- Live Qualifier

Introducing Himanshu Arora who makes it to the team as a live qualifier. Recently turned professional poker player, Himanshu played for Hyderabad kings last PSL season and surely will be an asset to Kolkata Kings.

Jagjot Pangli- Online Qualifier

Coming from Math Faculty of Waterloo, Canada which is known to produce a lot of poker players, Jagjot is surely going to bring a lot of joy to our team and excel as a poker player with us at Kolkata Kings.

Anish Garg – Online Qualifiers

An IITIAN turned Investment Banker who helped companies raise funds in the capital markets and assist them in mergers, finally decide to merge his professional and personal as one. His immense passion for poker and ability to read the opponents in front inclined him to be part of this game. Anish is a passionate part time MTT player and has played for Rajasthan team last season. He is now ready to get going for Kolkata Kings.


Vinayak Bajaj- Online Qualifier

One of the top online qualifiers this season Vinayak has been doing very well in MTTs over last couple of years also shipping some major Indian tournaments. He is a valuable assets and a superb addition to our team.