Final Selection of Players for Kolkata Kings at the Team Selection Ceremony

  Kolkata kings are happy to announce that the Team Selection Ceremony was a huge success. Owner Kunal Gupta, mentor Sunil Asrani and team director - Debasish Bal attended the ceremony. The fun-filled ceremony witnessed the presence of owners and mentors from other teams as well. The players were chosen with the help of snake drifting method. Poker Sports League announced that each team will consist of 10 players: 1 mentor or playing captain, two pro players, live qualifiers – 2 and free online qualifiers – 3. The team also includes 2 wildcard entries. The mentors for each team were selected amongst the popular players in the poker industry. The PSL tourney was free and the selection of the professional players are made after intense examination of the applications submitted.    

Let’s get introduced to the team.

    Team Owner -  Kunal Gupta     Brand Ambassador – Dibyendu Barua   Team Director - Debasish Bal   Team Mentor: Sumit Asrani      Wild Card Players -     1. Raman Gujral 2. Samay Parikh     Pros - 1. Sahil Agarwal 2. Sangeeth Mohan     Live Qualifiers -    Rohan Singh and Himanshu Arora.     Online Qualifiers -    Vinayak Bajaj, Jagjot Singh Pangli, Anish Garg. The second season finale is scheduled to begin in May 2018 where all the 12 teams will compete for a total prize-pool of almost INR 3.60 crores.